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Hi everybody, how’s everything going?

Today I’m talking about Chanel, one of the brands I like the most.

Since some time ago, I’ve been asking for some Chanel cosmetics to start building up my make up collection. Today I can show you some bits I got for Christmas which can be useful for buying someone or just to buy to ourselves at some point.

1.- Rouge Allure Velvet, 38.

That the fact that is red doesn’t stop you from wearing this lipstick during daytime. It’s perfect for any time of the day!






2.- Rouge Noir, 18

This colour is one of my favourite. Some people say it’s just for winter time but, honestly, I can’t help wearing it all year around!




3.- Le Top Coat, Quick Dry and Shine

For the ones who love nail art, here’s the final touch to nail polish. I already tried it and I can’t believe my nails lasted for more than four days now.




4.- Écriture De Chanel, Eyeliner Pen

If you prefer eyeliner pen to the classical one, here’s one option. It last and it’s not difficult to use it.


5.- Rouge Coco Shine, 477

The perfect colour for when we don’t want to wear proper lipstick but still want to wear something in our lips. It’s so moisturising and it last for a long period of time.



6.- Chanel Mirror

Perfect for carrying in our bag and indispensable for checking out our make up!


7.- Signe Particulier, Eyeshadow

From smoky shadows to nude colours, the perfect combination for any occasion.





So that’s it, I hope you liked it and that maybe I helped you find something to add to your collection 😉

With love, P


“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous”

                                                                        -Coco Chanel-



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